MCS - Benefits


ActiveCare+S.F.T. offers the following benefits for the prevention of DVT:

  • Decision Support 
    ActiveCare+S.F.T. is the only device which has supporting data to allow the surgeon to make an informative decision, based on the patient risk as to his/her DVT prevention protocol.  

  • Reduced Bleeding Risk
    ActiveCare+S.F.T. reduces the risk of serious bleeding complications.

  • 24-Hour Prevention
    ActiveCare+S.F.T. is small and portable allowing patient mobility and 24-hour basis preventative therapy.

  • Reduces Hospital Length of Stay
    ActiveCare+S.F.T. can be used both in hospital and in post-discharge at  home, which can reduce the patient's length of stay (LOS).


  • Monitors Patient Compliance
    ActiveCare+S.F.T.routinely monitors patient compliance, providing  patients, caregivers  and  physicians real-time information. 

  • User-friendly
    ActiveCare+S.F.T. is user-friendly with an LCD screen that provides patient compliance and troubleshooting information.

  • Economicial
    ActiveCare+S.F.T. is an economically viable DVT prevention therapy. The device minimizes the occurrence of major bleeding complications that may lead to costly readmissions.